Memento Mori

Memento Mori

Conception, direction Pascal Rambert

With avec Yves Godin

Memento Mori has no other subject than movement in itself. Or more precisely the moment which precedes movement. I mean the very start, the initial moment, just before any sign of something moving. One would listen; one would hear some deep remote rumbling rising, drawing near, and they would appear: naked.

Creation February 24th 2013 at CDC les hivernales en Avignon, 35th Festival les hivernales


Conception, direction
pascal rambert

Artistic collaboration, stage device and light
Yves Godin

Original music
Alexandre Meyer

Elmer Bäck, Rasmus Slätis, Anders Carlsson, Jakob Öhrman, Lorenzo De Angelis

Production manager
Pauline Roussille