A (micro) history of the world economics, danced

A (micro) history of the world economics, danced

Conception & direction Pascal Rambert In collaboration with Éric Méchoulan

A crowd of ordinary human life: 50 people chosen from the city + the 3 professional actresses
from the company OR from the city
50 people, 50 bodies, 50 voices who are entrusted with the raw scenic presence of over 300 years
of true life.


Text / Conception / Direction
pascal rambert

In collaboration with
Éric Méchoulan Philosophe, directeur de programme esthétique et économie politique au Collège International de Philosophie

Pascal Rambert Interventions philosophiques écrites et ré-improvisées en direct Éric Méchoulan

Clémentine Baert, Cécile Musitelli, Virginie Vaillant, Éric Méchoulan

50 participants non-professionnels locaux dont une quinzaine de choristes

Textes additionnels
Montaigne, Mallarmé

Alexandre Meyer

Additional texts
Bee Gees, Bob Dylan

Set and lights design
pascal rambert

Production delegated
structure production