Text, conception, direction, set and light design Pascal Rambert

Véro Dahuron and Guy Delamotte

The story is simple and true. We came Audrey Bonnet and I to play Clôture de l’Amour at the Panta Theater in February 2015. I didn’t know Veronique. Neither Guy. For several seasons, Pauline Roussille, my production manager, said: “There are people from the Panta theater in Caen who would like to schedule Clôture. We should find a time to go. ” What we have done. I enjoyed this moment at the Panta. We all had dinner. I liked it because it was good and we eated under the stands - almost - of the scene where we play. And that, I really liked it. A few weeks later in Mexico City I meet Veronique and Guy’s son who asks me to dedicate Clôture de l’Amour for them. What I do. We come back with Audrey Bonnet in April 2016 to play - it is, I must say, the only place where we will have done it - Clôture de l’Amour again. Same heat. Same audience. Same meal. Same joy. When Veronique asked me to write for them I said yes. So I’m writing for Veronique and Guy Reconstitution. I know that these are two people who have loved each other. And they try to reconstruct the moment when they met and the consequences that this meeting had on their lives until today. The best will be to come and see.

Opening on march 19th 2018 at Panta-théâtre, Caen


Text, conception, direction, set and light design
Pascal Rambert

Véro Dahuron and Guy Delamotte

Stage manager
Alessandra Calabi

Light production
Thierry Morin

Production director
Pauline Roussille

Production manager
Juliette Malot

Coordination, Logistics
Sabine Aznar

Executive Production
structure production



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